Suncatcher of the Month Club - Monthly Price

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Love suncatchers?  We do, too!  Beautiful bird suncatchers make every room exciting!  They also make great gifts!  By joining our suncatcher of the month club, you will receive a beautiful new suncatcher (with suction cup) each month--perfect for adding to your home or giving as a gift.  You will receive an assortment of suncatchers including, but not limited to, round, oval, and Tiffany style designs.  Even if/when suncatcher prices and/or shipping costs increase, your cost will remain the same for the entire year!

Basic Membership - You will receive small bird suncatchers with values ranging from $15.50 - $17.50

Standard Membership - You will receive medium bird suncatchers with values ranging from $18.97 - $27.50

Deluxe Membership - You will receive large bird suncatchers with values ranging from $28.97 - $33.97

Your suncatchers will be shipped to the same address each month on or about the same time each month.  We regret to inform you that alternate shipping address cannot be accepted during your subscription.

You will receive a special gift, or more valuable suncatcher, complements of, to celebrate your 6- and 12- month membership anniversaries.


Important notes:  Actual suncatchers sent may vary from those shown in the photographs based on membership level and in-stock availability.  We will choose from among our best sellers and new releases--the selection for the month will be chosen by  Unless otherwise specified, you will not receive duplicates during your membership--even if you choose multiple subscriptions.  We are certain you will be satisfied.  In the unlikely event you aren't, you may return your suncatcher.

This is a monthly charge with a monthly shipment.  By selecting this item, you understand and agree that your credit card will be charged each month for a new suncatcher plus shipping.  You will be billed the same amount each month, for twelve months, unless otherwise cancelled.  You may cancel your subscription at any time and no additional charges will incur.  Please allow 48 hours for processing.